Meet LUX: A jewelry revolution

Developed by a professional jeweler, LUX Foamfusion® is the non-toxic, easy way to rejuvenate gems and precious metals.

Perfect for your diamond solitaire

LUX will make your diamond ring shimmer like the day he gave it to you. The foaming action instantly melts away dirt and oils.

Heirloom jewelery can look brand new

It's so easy: Apply the foam and watch decades of grime disappear... without scrubbing.

LUX polishes pearls perfectly

Lux Foamfusion removes impurities without harsh chemicals or abrasives, erasing signs of aging even on delicate surfaces.

Clean & shine stones like magic

LUX works beautifully on precious and semiprecious stones like jade, opal, turquoise, rubies and tanzanite.
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No harsh chemicals!

Safe for you. Safe for the environment. More>>